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I am a seasoned property developer and have completed several projects successfully on my own. However, with changes to local residential planning and increasing competition for sites with a strong profit yield, I realised I needed extra guidance and expertise to keep the momentum going.

Dave and I have an Agreement whereby I can access his advice and support when I need it. It’s great for those times during a project when you wish you had someone to call and bounce ideas off – it’s the most useful form of mentoring I have ever experienced.

Dave has great intuition and combined with his financial expertise and meticulous feasibility planning, I am confident our relationship will be incredibly positive and beneficial for growing my business.


With 100 percent of presales secured only months after the project began, mine is an amazing success story.

As a ‘hands off’ investor, I was completely removed from this development’s day to day operation, leaving the project in Dave’s hands. His team of builders and designers were second to none and he and his real estate agent used very smart techniques to ensure sales success. The team managed all aspects of the project from initial planning through to occupancy.

I am now preparing for my next project using the same strategy as this one and will rely on Dave’s selection of site, feasibility studies and superb design and planning skills. With Dave and his formidable team, you are in safe hands and will get great results. You can be assured your projected profits will be realised.


As a first time developer I thought I would know how to manage a development project and sort out any problems that arose, but as it progressed it was clear I needed help. Dave showed great resolve and acumen in solving issues and I took a great level of comfort in his guidance and advice.

Meticulous feasibility studies pre-purchase were well worth it and combined with strong financial management throughout the project, my financial goals have not only been met, but exceeded. The profits from this project alone will be twice my annual income!

Dave’s support and involvement during the project has given me the confidence to explore new development opportunities. I am seriously looking at my next project and I can’t wait.